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  • A Hierarchical Control Plane for Software-Defined Networks-based Industrial Control Systems, Béla Genge and Piroska Haller, 2016
  • Distributed Hierarchical Control Plane of Software Defined Networking, Prashant D. Bhole, Dinesh D. Puri, 2015
  • ICONA: Inter-Cluster ONOS Network Application , Francesco Lucrezia, Michele Santuari, Matteo Gerola
  • Inter-SDN Controller Communication: Using Border Gateway Protocol , TATA COnsultancy services , 2014
  • Towards Distributed Hierarchical SDN Control Plane, A. Koshibe, A. Baid and I. Seskar
  • ICONA: Inter Cluster Onos Network Application, Matteo Gerola, Michele Santuari , Elio Salvadori , Stefano Salsano, Pier Luigi Ventre, Mauro Campanella, Francesco Lombardo, Giuseppe Siracusano
  • ICONA: a peer-to-peer approach for Software Defined Wide Area Networks using ONOS, Matteo Gerola , Francesco Lucrezia , Michele Santuari, Elio Salvadori, Pier Luigi Ventre, Stefano Salsano , Mauro Campanella
  • TLS Channel Implementation for ONOS’s East/West-bound Communication, Jun Huy Lam, Sang-Gon Lee*, Hoon-Jae Lee, Yustus Eko Oktian, 2015
  • SDN architecture, OpenNetworking Foundation, 2014
  • OpenFlow network virtualization with FlowVisor, 2013, by Sebastian Dabkiewicz
  • Vulnerabilities and solutions for isolation in FlowVisor-based virtual network environments, 2015, by Victor T. Costa & Luís Henrique M. K. Costa.
  • FlowVisor Vulnerability Analysis, 2017, by Ying Qian, Wanqing You and Kai Qian
  • OpenVirteX: Make Your Virtual SDNs Programmable, 2014, by Ali Al-Shabibi, Marc De Leenheer, Ayaka Koshibe, Guru Parulkar and Bill Snow
  • An Intent-based Network Virtualization Platform for SDN, 2016, by Yoonseon Han, Jian Li, Doan Hoang, Jae-Hyoung Yoo, and James Won-Ki Hong


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